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Home Plans

The definition of Customize is to make or build according to personal or individual specifications.​

Our mission is to design and build homes for each of our clients that fits their family's wants or needs, regardless of what they may be.

Most of our clients come to us with a myriad of ideas of what they would like in their dream home. Our job is to take these ideas, organize them, and put them on paper in the form of working architectural drawings. Unlike most custom builders, this process is all done "in-house" with our company. Ricky Williams, the company President, learned the value of having a good set of working drawings early in his career. This is so every aspect of the job is visible on paper before the construction begins.

Ricky personally works with  all of his clients to develop their dream home. His philosophy is to listen to the clients' needs and develop a plan that accurately meets those needs. He will always give creative ideas, make recommendations, and point out concerns. However, he also realizes that people have different needs and tastes and that ultimately, it is the client who has to be satisfied with the finishing product. The premise behind our design process is simple- if the client wants it, we will design it, and build it- as long as it is structurally sound and safe. 

Throughout the design process we try not only to focus on our clients' current lifestyle but to also consider their future needs. Whether it be designing for a future growing family or incorporating a space that will allow an elderly parent to move in; it is much less expensive to incorporate or plan for these items in advance when the house is being built.

Typically, we will take our clients' ideas and develop a rough floor plan to scale to make sure that the general layout meets their needs. Once we have established the general layout, we are then able to finalize the floor plans and begin the exterior elevations. Since all of our design work is being done on the computer, it is very easy to make any changes or revisions that our client requests. Once we have a finalized set of working drawings, we can go through each room and itemize the finish specification for pricing purposes. 

Our design process does not stop with the working drawings. Ricky is on the job site on a daily basis and does regular walk-throughs with the clients. During this time, as the house begins to take shape, he assists the clients in making additional modifications, if necessary, in order to further customize the home.

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