The Process

Many people ask "What do I have to do to get my house built?" With this in mind we have developed a simple chronology of events for what you should expect when proceeding through the job of building a custom home.

This chronology is not set in stone and is not obligatory in any way; it merely outlines what is usually encountered in the normal/average custom home building project. We hope it helps in providing guidance in proceeding through the experience.

Builder Selection

  • Client meets with builders of specific interest; this can range from one (who sparks a particular interest) to several builders. Interviewing several builders can be quite a chore. 
  • We have experienced that the client is less confused when keeping the interview process between one to three builders 
  • Client chooses a builder they feel is more compatible with their likes/dislikes and also provides what they are looking for in quality versus the money budgeted for the project.

House Plan Design

Client and builder then begin the first phase of the home plan design. This can vary drastically in reaching the ultimate goal of final house plans. The various scenarios are listed:

  • Client chooses a house previously built by the builder with changes made to suit the client. Plan fee for proprietary use and minor changes of plan generally runs $600.00 to $1,500.00
  • Client chooses a plan from a book; mylar copies of such plans run $500.00 to $2,000.00. If permitted, it could cost as much as $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 to adapt plans to this area's code requirements and make minor changes to meet client's wishes. (Please note that such modification to plan book plans may require approval by designer from whom plans are purchased.) 
  • Client and builder/designer interface to produce a custom designed plan that centers around all of the client's expectations. This avenue can require that the client and builder/designer review:
    • houses already built
    • house plans from plan books
    • photographs

The costs associated with a ground up design vary greatly; our experience has been somewhere in the $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 range for a custom drawn set of working drawings. 


  • Builder will estimate the cost of your house plans; this generally takes 2-3 weeks in order to receive all subcontractor estimates and for the builder to perform material take offs of your house plans. 
  • Presentation of estimate to the client; this will provide you with an estimated price to build your home. This estimate usually includes a price that involves numerous "allowance" items. 

An Allowance represents a specific amount of money that the builder has "allowed" the client in the estimated price, which provides a specific item in the house. Example: BRICK allowance: $330.00 per thousand; this means that the builder has provided in the base estimated price an amount of $330.00 per thousand for the client to select brick to be laid.

We have developed a Home Owner's Manual to help assist in the selection process. The manual explains the process of building, provides selections you will need to make, and suppliers we recommend for making those selections in order to get the best price, quality, service, and warranty possible. The contract documents and warranty for your new home are also found in the manual provided by the Williams and Williams Construction Company.


  • Finalize estimate and sign contract. Contract deposit (of $15,000.00) advanced to builder in order to initiate permitting and approval procedures.
  • Once permits and approvals are received- construction begins!
  • Client begins allowance selections.
  • Monthly draws are invoiced by builder. The amount is based on actual work in place plus a percentage of contractor's fee based on work in place.

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